Our Mission.

Our mission is simple: providing you with legal advice for life. We focus on estate planning and business planning.  You don't have to be wealthy to need an estate plan.  If you have minor children, you need a will and designation of standby guardian so if something happens to you, your children will be cared for by the people you choose, not someone selected by a judge who doesn't know you or your family. 

We know that you want to pass down not only your valuable assets, but also your values, so we have designed a process for you to share your wisdom and experiences in writing or on video, through our Lasting Legacy program

Estate planning questions?

Have you ever wondered what happens if you die without a will? Or maybe you have heard about Living Trusts and wondered if you should have one?  Or you may be worried about being kept alive on life support systems? How will your loved ones know your wishes?  What if you are incapacitated, who will manage your affairs?  We work with you so that your answers to these questions are reflected in your estate plan.  The bottom line is that we help you use your power to make these choices.  

Business questions? 

Maybe you want to starting a business and want to know what an LLC is and whether it is the best choice for your new venture?  Maybe you want to know the differences between an LLC and a corporation?  Or you are wondering how you can transition down your business to your son or daughter? Or you can't sleep at night because you are worried about what would happen to your business if you or your partner died suddenly?    Again, we have answers.

Legal advice for life. 

We can help you with these questions, and more. You should have a lawyer you can turn to for advice on the legal issues that come up in your life.  We want to be that lawyer. If we don’t have the expertise to help you, we will find someone who does. 

The bottom line is that we want to be your lawyer.  You have a family doctor (now they call them primary care physicians); you should have a family lawyer.

Our Reputation.

Steve has been recognized as one of Greater Hartford's Top Estate Planning Attorneys by Hartford Magazine, so you know you are dealing with a lawyer with a sterling reputation.  And you can see what Steve's clients have to say about him in their own words here.

Take the next step to Peace of Mind.

Call 860-368-0414 or email Steve today to learn more, get answers to your questions and sleep better at night knowing that you have protected your family.

What People Are Saying

"When our family needed to create a trust through probate for one of our children, Steve provided expert legal counsel. Most importantly, though, we were impressed with Steve's ability to remain sensitive to our son and his perspective while address

Dennis M.
Glastonbury, CT

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